Saturday, January 28, 2012

Amazing Thrifty Finds

I found this French chair replica at garage sale at 2pm this afternoon for only $15. This is just the look I am going for in my bedroom. I can just picture it with new paint in Old White and Paris gray and finished off with dark wax for patina. I think I 'm just going to have the upholstery cleaned, the fabric is actually a great color. I have been storing a wingback chair in my garage for months. I have just been working up the courage to do my first reupholstering piece. I was planning on that chair going in my room but I instantly changed my mind when I saw this chair. I guess the old wingback will be an item I will sell.


  1. I am skeptical about this chair.

  2. You would be:) I finished painting it and cleaned it and it looks pretty g.d. (gosh darn) good. I will be posting another pic of it shortly for you non believers. Worst case scenario, I reupholster it after I practice on a few other pieces first.

  3. I think the chair will turn out very nicely and the fabric looks like a keeper. Reupholstering isn't that hard (if you have to in the end). Take your time. We took a couple classes at adult school in the 80s and the skills we learned have served us well. These days you can find youtube lessons for any questions you may have. Can't wait to see your finished chair!