Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Difference Dark Wax Can Make

If you haven't noticed already almost all of my pieces have been finished with dark wax. Why do I love it? What difference does it make in my pieces? Dark wax produces a look that I can only compare to a glaze. Many DIYers use glaze or stain over their latex paint to give it an "old" or "dirty" look. Annie Sloan dark wax reminds me of shoe polish, it is soft and sticky and it can be applied by rag or brush. I think a brush works best to work it into carvings and paint strokes. Annie Sloan sells her own brand of wax brush but it is a bit pricey, plus I've noticed in her books that she doesn't even use the expensive wax brush! She just uses a cheap 2" brush, so that's what I use too.

Before applying a dark wax you must apply clear wax, because if not you will just stain the paint. A little dark wax on your brush goes a long way. After you have applied dark wax where you want, go over it again with the clear wax. The clear wax will pull some of the dark wax off so it just remains in the cracks and crevices. Another method of dark waxing that gives a very subtle aged patina is to mix a bit of the dark wax with your clear wax, then apply the mixture to your piece. Don't be scared to give it a try, if you hate it you can just paint over it again with your chalk paint. Yep, chalk paint can do that.

One last thing to keep in mind is that dark wax isn't just for furniture. I have used it on picture frames and mirrors, but use your imagination! It could also add a few years to that craft you just finished or that paper creation of yours. Have fun!

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  1. A beautiful project and a great tutorial.
    Thanks, Jenine!

  2. What kind of clear wax, and dark wax, can I buy at my local hardware store/Lowe's to get the same results as Annie's? I've never done this before and I want to try something cheaper before I splurge for the big deal. Your work is amazing, I've been "wasting" a lot of time at work today reading through your blogs!