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I have had a ton of emails about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  Many of you want to know where to find it and how to use it. No one in Las Vegas sells it, but there are stockists across the nation who do.  It kind of works like Mary Kay or Avon- people can become stockists and have painting classes. I order mine online and have it shipped (everyone sells it for either $34.95 or $38.95 per quart), and I just kind of choose the one with the lowest shipping. Also, Annie Sloan has written several paint finish books and I am happy to announce I just purchased mine on Amazon and should have it on Thursday.  The book I got features French finishes, so I am hoping to learn a lot and have some neat pieces soon.

In my opinion, this is the best website to introduce you to Annie Sloan Chalk Paint:
If you haven't seen Shaunna's blog before, I recommend it.  She is a real professional and has made it big in the blog world.

For finishing, I use just a clear Minwax wax to go over my pieces, but I do use the ASCP dark wax. The dark wax brings out any carvings and makes it have an old look. Also, any clear wax can be mixed with ASCP to make a different color wax.

I have noticed that some people have been making their own DIY chalk paint to save on cost. To make your own, you can add plaster of paris powder or calcium carbonate to latex paint with a little water. I ran into a pickle when a client wanted a shade of green that ASCP didn't have. I would have just used latex paint and gone back to sanding and stripping the piece, but upon closer examination of the dresser my client had, the drawers weren't real wood. I chose to make the chalk paint. It did stick to the non-wood surfaces and didn't peel off, and I also didn't need to prime first. The down side was it was gritty, it was much harder to sand, and it didn't have a smooth chalky finish or feel. It also cannot be sprayed through an air compressor spray gun.  So I have tried both ways, but I am still a huge Annie Sloan chalk paint fan.

Remember whenever refinishing a piece, use wood filler in any holes or scratches and clean it well before painting it(I use TSP heavy duty cleaner found at Lowes or Home Depot). I found that chalk paint does show bleed through if not cleaned and dried well.

Last tip: for people who live in Vegas or other dry climate, I noticed it thickens when exposed to the air when the lid is left off for a bit. I always water mine down just a little, it just makes it easier to work with.  I think that's it for now, but if anyone else has any other question, please feel free to contact me!