Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Very Beginning

      Growing up I lived on house on a big hill. Below was a gully of sagebrush, field grass and a beautiful river. It wasn't always a beautiful and wild place but used to be a literal dump.

       Over many years they covered this dump and built orchards and then one day houses. I  spent many hours with my friends building towns, and "homes", we could always manage to find some fragments of the past to add to our "homes". I remember finding old bottles and a tiny baby shoe. These felt like treasures to us. I remember the excitement when we'd find something great and I couldn't help but wonder who these things belonged to before us.

         I have grown up and moved away but I still enjoy looking for hidden treasure that others have left behind or thrown away. I love to see the potential and beauty in all things. I enjoy bringing things back to life and bringing them a new purpose. I enjoy fixing things that would otherwise be thrown into our dumps.

     I'm always out and about searching and I have found that my home is getting full. You only need so much after all. I can't see myself passing up an old piece of  furniture anytime soon. What's a girl to do? This is how my small business idea started. I am so excited to share my finds with you. Let me do all the searching, heavy lifting, and painting so that your special event can have A Bit O' Whimsy.


Saturday, April 29, 2017

So You Want A Vintage Themed Wedding

You're getting married, congratulations! You're beyond thrilled and you've probably been hunched over your phone or laptop scouring every last drool-worthy Pinterest wedding idea out there. Am I right?

Well, when I told my family I had an idea to start renting out second hand furniture that I had found and painted for weddings, I'm not quite sure they got it. I get some pretty strange looks from people when I tell them what I do. If you're not a Pinterest lover, DIYer, or bride that's been planning this day ever since she can remember, you might not get it.

Either way, have no fear I am here to help you. You've a vague idea or dream about having a very stylish, unforgettable, one-of-a-kind wedding reception, but you have a limited budget and time. A Bit O' Whimsy has been painting, thrifting, and scouring the various online Craigslists and Offer Ups for you. No need to go out on your own to questionable strangers' homes. I have done that for you, lol.

Gather up your inspirational photos and let's get crackin'. Here are a few of my favorite photos of ways to add a vintage flair to your wedding.

Using furniture is a fun way to display an assortment of desserts for your guests. How fun is this baby blue color?

Mirrors are a great way to add style. I love to see them used for fun sayings, menus, and seating charts. Try some window markers, dry erase markers, or even vinyl letters to customize for your event.

I can't get enough of this! Who doesn't love an old rustic farm table with mismatched chairs? It reminds me of an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party.

There are so many new and creative ideas when it comes to guest books.  Why stop there when you can have it on something as cute as this old dresser?

 Who doesn't want to show off their stunning Bridals or all those pictures you've stored up together on your phones ? What better way than to use an old dresser?

Delicious Desserts and fragrant flowers pouring out  of the top drawer,  D-I-V-I-N-E. You could even make this buffet more functional and store some plates or cutlery.

If i could have a wedding again, my must have would have to be a luxurious lounge area. To me it's the ultimate show stopper. I'm a fan of making things fun and adding in some color with mismatched seating.

What's your favorite way to add some vintage style to a wedding?
Don't forget to check out our ever-growing inventory to add a whimsical touch to your next event.

With Love,