Sunday, April 30, 2017

The Very Beginning

      Growing up I lived on house on a big hill. Below was a gully of sagebrush, field grass and a beautiful river. It wasn't always a beautiful and wild place but used to be a literal dump.

       Over many years they covered this dump and built orchards and then one day houses. I  spent many hours with my friends building towns, and "homes", we could always manage to find some fragments of the past to add to our "homes". I remember finding old bottles and a tiny baby shoe. These felt like treasures to us. I remember the excitement when we'd find something great and I couldn't help but wonder who these things belonged to before us.

         I have grown up and moved away but I still enjoy looking for hidden treasure that others have left behind or thrown away. I love to see the potential and beauty in all things. I enjoy bringing things back to life and bringing them a new purpose. I enjoy fixing things that would otherwise be thrown into our dumps.

     I'm always out and about searching and I have found that my home is getting full. You only need so much after all. I can't see myself passing up an old piece of  furniture anytime soon. What's a girl to do? This is how my small business idea started. I am so excited to share my finds with you. Let me do all the searching, heavy lifting, and painting so that your special event can have A Bit O' Whimsy.


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