Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Floor Installation

These past few days have been crazy and messy. We have ripped out all the carpet in our living room and hallway. I was surprised to find a huge pile of sandy dirt under the carpet in my hallway. Ew... Don't judge me.

We've pried all the carpet tacking strips, scrapped the glue and carpet foam. The hallway is done, just waiting for baseboards.

In the living room, my hubby is in the process of scrapping grout from the tiled entryway. We also had some help with a little child labor.

I'm touching up a few places with paint and repainting the baseboards a bright white.

I've had a nasty cold and case of pink eye that seem to be slowing me down through this process. We're in a time crunch, two more days and we are due in Utah to help out my dad again.

Tomorrow is my husbands birthday and I think after all his hard work without one complaint he deserves something special. He is going to squeeze in a March madness college basketball game while we are in Utah. Hopefully his Spring Break hasnt been all work and no play. I love you babe!


Friday, March 8, 2013

Chevron End Table

This week I'm spending my time in Utah at my parent's home. My dad had knee replacement surgery and is in need of much assistance for the next month. Growing up, I begged for a lot of animals like a dog and a horse. Since then, my dad has collected quite a few more- another horse, geese, chickens, and one more dog. Sometimes I feel bad I left him with my horse to take care of for four years while we are living in Vegas. I look for any good excuse to come to Utah and help him take care of all the critters that I love. I always tell my husband how I can't wait until I can move and have a farm of my own. For some reason nothing gives more more energy than being out in the fresh air, caring for all these guys. I kid you not, it is the best medicine for depression or weight loss.

Since I am out of town, I painted an end table last week and held off on showing you. I have had this mid century end table in my home for a long time, but my husband and I never really loved it. It was one of my first pieces and I never really got around to selling it. The blue and white just didn't fit it. I felt like a modern chevron would be a cool twist for this once 'very modern' mid century piece. I am not one for the more modern looks, but I do appreciate a good chevron and try to keep up with all the "trends" of the time.

I used Paris Grey Chalk Paint and Old White Chalk Paint. I hand-painted the chevron on after my husband was kind enough to figure out all the measurements. I chose not to tape off the chevron, I find that no matter how high-quality the tape, I still have a lot of bleed through and end up touching up a ton. I didn't distress this piece or dark wax, I wanted a clean look and finished it off with a clear wax.

Much better.


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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Emperors Silk Red Desk

I have a color to show off today, one I've never used before, Emperors Silk Red. I'm usually more of a barn red kind of girl but this color is striking with dark wax. It was a very bright and bold red without the dark wax.

My dad found this desk for me at a local thriftstore near his home for $25. The ironic thing is that in high school I wouldn't be caught dead at that place, I was way too self conscious for thrifstores. Funny how things change when you aren't a self conscious kid anymore. Now, I make my living off things I find at thriftstore. Ironic.

It had a lot of dents bangs and chips. This didn't scare me off in the least. The more imperfect it is the better for me. I'm into that kind of thing in case you haven't noticed. You see gigantic dents, I see a place for dark wax to settle and look awesome! I had plans for this desk to be my own so I knew I wanted a heavy dark waxed look. Sometimes dark wax can scare my clients a bit. I filled in a few chipped spots but painted over everything else.No sanding or priming, this is chalk paint after all.

When I paint knowing I want a lot of dark wax to show, I break some basic painting 101 rules you'll read in most painting furniture tutorials. What can I say I'm sort of a rebel.

I use a very cheap dollar store brush (broken rule #1), just make sure it has synthetic bristles, the hair like kind will come off in your paint. I purposely want paint stroke lines and imperfections for the wax to settle in.

I paint in all different directions. (#2)

I don't do any sanding to smooth out my painted surface and stroke lines. (#3)

I let my chalk paint be a little bit thicker, it's harder to work with but gives a good texture for the wax to stick to. (#4)

I still haven't decided if I want to keep the desk. It wont have any practical use in my home but will be just for "looks". Sometimes I break another rule, my furniture doesn't always have a function for me :) Looking pretty is important around here.

I have a quick surprise to show you, can you tell what this is?

It's new flooring for my living room and hall! Hooray!! I have had the same nasty carpet as when we bought our home as a foreclosure. It's high time for some new stuff! I love this laminate, I had it put in my kitchen a few years ago and just love it. So bright, cool and airy. I hope my hubby will find some time over spring break to install it for me.


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