Saturday, March 2, 2013

Emperors Silk Red Desk

I have a color to show off today, one I've never used before, Emperors Silk Red. I'm usually more of a barn red kind of girl but this color is striking with dark wax. It was a very bright and bold red without the dark wax.

My dad found this desk for me at a local thriftstore near his home for $25. The ironic thing is that in high school I wouldn't be caught dead at that place, I was way too self conscious for thrifstores. Funny how things change when you aren't a self conscious kid anymore. Now, I make my living off things I find at thriftstore. Ironic.

It had a lot of dents bangs and chips. This didn't scare me off in the least. The more imperfect it is the better for me. I'm into that kind of thing in case you haven't noticed. You see gigantic dents, I see a place for dark wax to settle and look awesome! I had plans for this desk to be my own so I knew I wanted a heavy dark waxed look. Sometimes dark wax can scare my clients a bit. I filled in a few chipped spots but painted over everything else.No sanding or priming, this is chalk paint after all.

When I paint knowing I want a lot of dark wax to show, I break some basic painting 101 rules you'll read in most painting furniture tutorials. What can I say I'm sort of a rebel.

I use a very cheap dollar store brush (broken rule #1), just make sure it has synthetic bristles, the hair like kind will come off in your paint. I purposely want paint stroke lines and imperfections for the wax to settle in.

I paint in all different directions. (#2)

I don't do any sanding to smooth out my painted surface and stroke lines. (#3)

I let my chalk paint be a little bit thicker, it's harder to work with but gives a good texture for the wax to stick to. (#4)

I still haven't decided if I want to keep the desk. It wont have any practical use in my home but will be just for "looks". Sometimes I break another rule, my furniture doesn't always have a function for me :) Looking pretty is important around here.

I have a quick surprise to show you, can you tell what this is?

It's new flooring for my living room and hall! Hooray!! I have had the same nasty carpet as when we bought our home as a foreclosure. It's high time for some new stuff! I love this laminate, I had it put in my kitchen a few years ago and just love it. So bright, cool and airy. I hope my hubby will find some time over spring break to install it for me.


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  1. Emperor's Silk is one of my favorite colors. I did a desk in it once, too! Yours is beautiful!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL makeover!! I bought the same hardware for a desk I recently transformed!

  3. You chose the perfect color! I always enjoy seeing a lovely transformation, and this is a great one.


  4. Love it! I'm looking forward to having a go with some bold colours! I'm quite new to chalk paints and so far have stuck to the more neutral colours!
    Thanks for the inspiration!
    hugs Aly x

  5. Oh it's just beautiful! I love Emperors silk right out of the can, but this is a very pretty version of it with the dark wax! - Susa

  6. Its awesome. Thanks for sharing your paint tips...very unconventional, but totally smart and creative. Love your flooring too!


  7. I recently did a desk that looked just like yours, but went with a grey instead. I love the red!

  8. Great find - great price! Love the red!

  9. Beautiful makeover!Rebels unite! I just did a dresser with that method & it gives such wonderful texture. The dark wax just set everything off perfectly. You do amazing work :)

  10. Emperors Silk Red...YUMMY! What a scrumptious piece. Well done! Thank you for sharing your talent. Carlotta from Ohio