Wednesday, March 20, 2013

New Floor Installation

These past few days have been crazy and messy. We have ripped out all the carpet in our living room and hallway. I was surprised to find a huge pile of sandy dirt under the carpet in my hallway. Ew... Don't judge me.

We've pried all the carpet tacking strips, scrapped the glue and carpet foam. The hallway is done, just waiting for baseboards.

In the living room, my hubby is in the process of scrapping grout from the tiled entryway. We also had some help with a little child labor.

I'm touching up a few places with paint and repainting the baseboards a bright white.

I've had a nasty cold and case of pink eye that seem to be slowing me down through this process. We're in a time crunch, two more days and we are due in Utah to help out my dad again.

Tomorrow is my husbands birthday and I think after all his hard work without one complaint he deserves something special. He is going to squeeze in a March madness college basketball game while we are in Utah. Hopefully his Spring Break hasnt been all work and no play. I love you babe!



  1. The new floors look great in your hallway, looking forward to seeing the full reveal! LOVE your buffalo check settee!

  2. Wow-What a lot of work but it will be worth it in the end. Happy birthday to you hubby and I hope your trip to Utah goes okay- xo Diana

  3. Progress looks great. We just finished doing the same on the floors in four of our rooms. Amazing how dirty those rugs can be underneath. We are slowly working our way through the whole house. I hope you love your new floors, for all the hard work you did to get there.