Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A New Look

I just thought I'd give you a quick look at the new laminate flooring we installed in our living room. In case you haven't caught my earlier posts, every piece of furniture in this room has been bought used. I've repainted or reupholstered everything myself.

I still have a few finishing touches to make to the room. I always struggle with furniture placement in this large rectangular room but I think I finally found a setup that feels close and inviting.

The new floor brings in more light and looks so chic. I just can't get enough of the red with the gray floor.

I took  out some bookcases in the room and it freed up so much space. I have been brain storming and how to fit my books in the room without bringing a huge bookcase in.

Let me show you what I've come up with.  I got this buffet  free with the purchase of a dining room set. It has no doors or shelving, but with a little work and a shelf it will be the new home to my books. I even saved a place for it.

  Be Sure to check back in the next few days for the finished buffet!



  1. Your flooring looks GREAT! I love the color of it. You have done a nice job with everything you have redone in the room-xo Diana

  2. You're living room is beautiful, Jenine! I love the style of your furniture and the layout. So cozy. That armoire is gorgeous too. And your floors? Sigh. Did you do a lime wash/white wash over them after they were installed, or did they come that way? Lovely.

    1. The floor comes with a whitewashed appearance, it's called Dunes Bay Drift from lumber liquidators. I noticed your other comment regarding Shaunna West dining room makeover. I appreciate you bringing my attention to the post. It was a guest post and I wasn't aware the photos were not an original. I have removed the post and apologize. I have learned to be careful with guest posts now days :)