Monday, April 2, 2012


It has been a rough few weeks here in our home. Both my husband and daughter have been sick and I can hardly keep up with things. Well, about a month and half ago I started painted this dresser for a client who found me on Etsy. She had seen one of my sold armoire/dressers and wanted one similar, but with different colors. After much deliberation and changing her mind a few times, she decided on Coco with a Paris Grey wash. I have never used the Coco myself so I referred her to the Annie Sloan website to get an idea of the color. I painted the first coat and sent her a picture.

We both thought the Coco looked much lighter than what we anticipated. Back to square one. Do you pick a different base coat color or add some graphite to darken it up a bit? We decided on darkening the Coco, I then applied the Paris Gray wash.

Too light. Then I applied the dark wax...

Still too light. I planned on being able to have this done for her in a week but it was taking much longer. I ended up having to leave mid project and run to a wedding out of town for a week.

She had a whole week to decide on where she wanted to go from there. She decided on Coco with just dark wax over the top- a beautiful neutral that will go well in her home. The dark waxing brings out the carving just right. I was so happy with the outcome and thrilled to be done after a month of working on it.

When using Etsy, I always go through Uship with items that are very heavy and are going far. I've had great luck with it and the prices are the lowest I can find. My favorite part is they pick it up at your home and drop it off at the new owners.

No such luck this time. The shipper said he'd be here in a day to pick it up, but he didn't call or show. We called, him he said the next day, and this went on and on for days. He never answered when we would call. I stayed home for 3 days expecting him each afternoon to pick it but no such luck. I finally had enough and ended up canceling my shipping bid and picking up another Uship bidder. Instead of this beautiful piece being on its way to Boston to a new home, it is sitting in my living room looking out of place. My client has been amazing and very understanding. Just a few days and this bad boy will be places I've never been so lucky to visit.

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  1. I hate those projects that seem to drag on, but it turned out beautiful and I'm sure your client will be thrilled!

  2. That piece looks amazing.What a transformation.I am sure she will be thrilled to finally get it.I hope you have better luck with shipping this time.Hope your family is finally feeling better.

  3. what a gorgeous piece- i love its details!

  4. It is a lovely piece - so much nicer painted than natural wood. Love the white, too. :)
    -Revi - a new follower

  5. It turned out beautiful! I was tempted to start shipping as I got request on Etsy but I never bit the bullet, all the places I called wanted me to build a crate for the furniture I did not want to go through that but I had not heard of uship? Thanks for sharing your story your piece turned out lovely.

  6. Oh it turned out beautiful. I just picked up something similar. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it but this was just inspirational:)

  7. It turned out great, I'm amazed at your commitment.

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  9. fabulous transformation!

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  10. I just worked on a went on forever, but it got done, nice job on yours

  11. love,all the steps,Yes I have used Paris Grey do not know why these pc's don't sell. I have used CoCo and then the antique white...might have to do in reverse. thanks for some inspirations

  12. I love this piece! I think your client will too!
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    Happy Friday!

  13. WOW...what a beautiful job you have done on this piece. Your client is one lucky person! Megan

  14. It's so beautiful! Great job! Found you via Under the Table and Dreaming link party :)

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries