Thursday, April 19, 2012

My First Piano

I've been promising a piano picture for several weeks now, I guess it's time to follow through on my promises. I've been holding out on showing it for awhile because I know I wouldn't have two finished pieces to show this week if I didn't.

This piano is not mine but after painting it, I wish it were. I have a very similar piano and now I'm having some thoughts about painting it. If only I didn't already have a list of things to paint for my myself that's about a mile long. For some reason I just feel guilty for working on my own stuff when I could be making some money painting for others.

Well, this was the last piece that I finished for a really fun young couple who had so many great things for me to paint. They had a very clear vision of what they wanted their home to look like. Just like most of us, they said the process of getting to the "look" they were going for was slow going. Do you know this feeling? I do, it seems by the time I get a room halfway done it's been so long I decide I want to go for a different style.

I used Paloma ASCP for the base. This was a color I have never tried before but I really ended up loving it. It is grey with a very subtle purple to it. I painted the top coat with Pure White- I originally was looking for the Original White but it turns out no one in the United States carries it. Go figure. I used clear wax all over the piece for a subtle shine and also for protection. I added a bit of dark wax to bring out some of the carving.

As you can imagine this piano is extremely heavy. It was dropped off to my home by piano movers and picked up as well. I will have to apologize for my horrible garage picture. This baby just wasn't going anywhere for glamorous staging. I know the colors look horrible against my blue painters plastic, but oh well, you get the idea.

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  1. Love!!! I am dying to paint a piano. It is on my wish list. I just have to find a spot in our house. ;) I am also a new Paloma lover as well. I painted a beautiful dresser a few weeks ago and I loved it.

  2. Turned out so GREAT! I painted a piano for a client once too. The one you painted has some great details. Do you use a sprayer?

  3. Fabulous piano. Simply stunning.

  4. Yep! Piano painting is on my list as well. I have the paint and I have the piano - now I just have to convince the husband that it's a good idea! The good news is our piano is nothing great to look at the way it is now so it can only improve with and ASCP paint job!

    -breida with a b.

  5. I Looooove it! I want two pianos - one to paint and one to make into a planter! I love this one! Good for you!
    home sweet nest

  6. Nice job on the piano. The dresser with matching night stand was beautiful. The sage green paint you colored was perfect. Seems like Sage Green is going to be a "must have," now.

  7. You did a beautiful job on that! It's almost too pretty to play! :)

    I'm your newest follower!

  8. I forgot to mention that this piano was "out of order". It had a cracked soundboard and was going to be in the thousands to fix it. It was just being used for looks. I think I would hesitate to paint a piano in perfect working condition.

  9. gorgeous! those details really stand out now!

  10. It is gorgeous! I have a piano that I have been promising a makeover to! Ours is very plain and bland and it used to be mine and is now my sons. We are thinking of decoupaging it with black and white images of old stars like Marliyn, Charlie Chaplin etc. Not excatly what i had in mind. ( I would paint it as well!) but my son has the final sigh...darn!


  11. I love what you have done to the detail carving. So, it's really got a cracked soundboard? That is so sad, but it going to get second life as a beautiful piece of furniture.