Thursday, April 26, 2012

70's Armoire Restyle

We're here in Disneyland having the time of our lives. I have been so dedicated to my Thursday posts that I took a minute to do it. J/K I wrote this earlier this week and am sending it in on Thursday. You thought I needed a life for a second didn't you?

It seems every morning when I go to check my Etsy messages, they are always asking if I have another square armoire with drawers inside. I've learned if I come across one, just buy it. This week I worked on a really neat 70's style armoire. The cool twisting trim on the sides and huge hardware caught my eye. For some reason I just kept picturing some colorful Moroccan feel.

Of course if I think about it, a bright Moroccan look would never go in my home. Maybe not yours either. I was asked to paint this piece French Linen and Pure White, but I had never used these colors together and was hesitant. I was used to the French Linen looking a little green after the dark wax. I looked at some other ladies' amazing work with these colors online and I was sold. I was so excited to use them together! I used dark wax to age the piece and added some distressing by hand as always. The inside has been painted white and has no dark wax. I love the inside to look so clean and fresh. It just brightens my day.

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  1. What a beautiful piece.Enjoy your time at Disneyland.We are closer to Disney world and it is one of my favorite places to go.

  2. It looks really great, love the color choices :)

  3. LOVE It! You did a fantastic job on this armoire..

  4. That was a huge piece to tackle! Large pieces scare me : ) It looks great - a total transformation!

  5. This is just a stunning makeover. I love the two tone look! I must give this a try...

  6. You did a fabulous job on this piece. It is amazing how things can be transformed now-a-days. Love it and thanks for sharing.

  7. I was brought here by the link to your blog at Kathleen's White Wednesday post.
    Your armoire makeover is superb. great job.

  8. Love, love, love this redo! Now let's all go raid our parent's basements and garages!

    Tanya :)