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Rustic Country Kitchen Guest Post

 I am really excited to share with you all a guest post from JHE Log Furniture. Log furniture has a special place in my heart. My younger brother works for a company making log furniture and it makes me so proud of him :). I think when most people hear "log furniture", manly cabins and western themes come to mind. Today, I am going to show you how using beautiful hand made, top quality wood furniture can warm up a space. I think my favorite is JHE reclaimed barn wood pieces. Can you say gorgeous? Someday I will have that table.

Without further ado, Michelle's  tips on creating a kitchen with Rustic charm. I will be interjecting a few times with some of my own commentary and images from the internet.

Create a Cozy Kitchen with Rustic Country Charm

Nothing says, “home, family and tradition” better than a rustic country kitchen. The heart of the home, a kitchen should be comfortable and inviting. Here are some ways to turn a modern kitchen into a farmhouse-chic version where family and friends will love to gather, eat and visit.

Floors and Walls

A rustic kitchen’s charm starts with its floors and walls. Hardwood floors are the epitome of country design, but stone or tile work too. If you can’t change your flooring, cover modern-looking floors with country-inspired rugs. Walls can be panelled in knotty pine or papered with a country motif. Paint is another option. Avoid modern, trendy colours; think warm and natural instead. Adding faux wooden beams to ceilings or walls is another way to make the room more rustic.

(A Bit O' Whimsy: Here are some inspirational pics, I am in L-O-V-E with wooden beams, I must have them in my next home.)

 (image via

Cabinets and Counters

Wooden cabinets make any kitchen more rustic. Instead of replacing current cabinets, try distressing or painting them. Replace a cabinet or two with wooden dish racks, which conveniently display country-style dishes. Wooden or stone countertops are a must, and a fabulously deep farmhouse sink completes the look. 
  (Questions on kitchen cabinet painting visit my kitchen cabinet reveal or head on over to Annie sloans cabinet tips)


Rustic furniture is essential to any country kitchen. A big, wooden farmhouse table, for example, is incredibly inviting. Scour flea markets and second-hand shops for antique furniture that fits this look and adds a sense of history to the room, or create your own rustic furniture by painting and distressing modern pieces.

(A Bit O' Whimsy: I adore these rustic reclaimed barnwood tables from JHE)
(A Bit O' Whimsy: Here is how I envision them in my future kitchen)

 image via

 image via

(A Bit O' Whimsy: Look at these perfect benches great for kitchen table seating or for that cottage chic entryway or mud room)

  (A Bit O' Whimsy:  Here are some great ways to decorate with these benches)

(A Bit O' Whimsy: I saw these cute stools and knew just what I would do with them.)

(image via


Stainless steel appliances can be integrated into country kitchens by surrounding them with older accessories like wrought-iron cookbook stands or ceramic jugs. Modern appliances with a retro appearance are another option, as are refrigerators with wood-veneer doors that blend into wooden cabinetry.


A fluorescent light fixture just won’t do in a rustic kitchen. Look for metal pendant fixtures, wall sconces or chandeliers instead. Be sure to let plenty of natural light into the space as well. A large, minimally dressed window or a skylight is ideal.


Pot racks, galvanized tubs, washboards—finish off your kitchen with rustic country accessories, whether they’re valuable antiques or modern replicas. Bringing nature indoors works well, too. Arrange dried flowers in a clay vase or an old milk jug for a stunning centrepiece.

A rustic country kitchen inspires home-cooked meals, lends a relaxed vibe to any occasion, and is a great place for families to gather. With a few changes, any kitchen can take on this timeless rustic charm.

About the company:

JHE’s Log Furniture Place, is a leading manufacturer and retailer of rustic log furniture. This company has a huge online store offering indoor and outdoor log furniture, as well as rustic décor and accessories. Its furniture is proudly made in the USA and the company has excellent customer service.


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