Monday, February 18, 2013

Florence Painted Hutch

Whew! I have just spent the last few day painting over coloring on some of my doors. Usually a magic eraser can conquer most of my 3 yr old's artistic work. She managed to find my Sharpie paint marker that I use to "paint" french typography onto furniture. I guess it just goes to show how durable it is, right? I am hoping she is old enough now that her coloring-on-things phase is over.I am always amazed at the difference a fresh coat of paint can make.

My younger brother and his girlfriend are visiting this weekend for the holiday. I guess they are sick of all the snow and ready for some warmer Vegas weather. I'm so excited! It can get lonely not having any family nearby. I just want everything in the house to be perfect. What about you guys, do you go crazy cleaning and trying to finish every last project before company arrives? I even have to have the house all clean before the babysitter comes.

I haven't just been working on my own to do list. I have a hutch to show you. I debating showing the pictures of it or not. I know I always say that each piece was the heaviest so far but for reals this time. To date, this was the heaviest hutch a have encountered. My husband and I struggled to get it out of the truck and move it two feet into the garage. Luckily my dad was in town to help load it back into the truck for delivery. It was so heavy there was no way we could lift the top part on the lower half just to take a picture. I was too worried we'd drop it. I have an after picture that the client was kind enough to take for me in her home. What a sweet lady.

I was so excited when she told me she wanted to go with Florence Chalk Paint, I love this color, especially with dark wax over it. I had a small sample pot I used for an end table, but never had anyone brave enough to request it.

I love how the dark wax could took a color like Florence that can look so modern and give it some warmth and rustic twist.

I picked up this bedroom set to refinish over the weekend. Pretty cool stuff. Check back in a week or so for the finished look.


  1. Beautiful work!!!! I can't wait to see what you do with that old French Provincial set- xo Diana

  2. Love the cabinet! I think Florence is a great color, bold for sure! Can't wait to see how you finish the French bedroom set! - Susan

  3. Your hutch turned out gorgeous!! Love the new pieces you just picked up too!!

  4. So fun that your client picked florence - it's a great, bold color and I do love it with the dark wax!