Thursday, May 3, 2012

Chair and Nightstand

What I'd give for a piece of grass. Have you noticed how lame my backgrounds are? Here in Las Vegas grass is a luxury. I refuse to have the fake astro turf that I see everywhere. When we moved into our home it had no landscaping whatsoever in the backyard. We have since built a deck, a brick retaining wall, and planted some strange buffalo grass that's supposed to be amazing for desert climate. Well, it has yet to look amazing, and until then you're stuck with lame backgrounds :)

You might have caught my last post with a similar white nightstand. White is always a wise way to go. I especially like a clean white look when there are busy carving going on.

Do you recognize this chair? It has had many looks but finally found a home. When I first got it, it was painted black, then I painted it a brick red to go with a nautical desk I refinished. Poor chair, no one wanted it. I was repainting it again and was worried the black and red underneath would look horrible with ASCP Provence. I decided I'd paint it white first and gently distress it to just show the white. I went too far in one spot and loved it. Thank heavens for mistakes. Speaking of mistakes. I finished painting and reupholstering the chair and asked my hubby if he'd screw the seat in. He decided to test the chair by sitting in it and wiggling back and forth to test it's durability. I kept telling him to stop messing around and knock it off. Somehow, he ended up breaking a leg off it while screwing the seat in. Go figure. I had to explain the situation to my client and tell her I'd find a new chair for her. Luckily she still loved it and with some wood glue and a very reduced price it's fixed! I guess it will just be for looking at and not for sitting :) Oh and be sure to check out my shop page by clicking the link at the top of my blog, I just updated it with some exciting new pieces!

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  1. Love the details on that chair!

  2. Great makeovers! And I will no longer take my lush green grass for granted, if you promise not to take the sunshine for granted! My yard is pretty, but it's so well watered by all of the rain we've had lately that you can't walk in it or you sink down into thick mud! I can't believe no on wanted that adorable chair when it was red...but I love it in blue too! You do such beautiful work!
    Best Wishes and Blessings,

  3. bravo! it now looks so feminine and lovely.

    come visit my blog anytime!


  4. OH that chair! I have one almost like it in my barn - you just inspired me - I think it'll be that brilliant blue color! I'm in love!

  5. What a difference paint makes. Great details on these pieces.

  6. Couyld you please, please tell me what kind of wax you use over the ASCP? I have been wanting to do some chalk paint projects (homemade chalk paint because of the price of the ASCP) and need to know what kind of wac to use to "set" it. Is there something easily available and less expensive than the AS wax? Thanks.