Thursday, January 10, 2013

Glamorous Bedroom Set

I realize I've been MIA lately but I took the holiday vacation very literal this year:) I had a wonderful and relaxing time with family and friends. I can't remember the last time I didn't try to squeeze in some painting and e mails when I had a few seconds. I was a little bummed after the craft fair and vowed to not pick up a paint brush again for at least a week! It was just what I needed to get myself excited about working again.

Here is a lovely armoire and matching nightstands. I used a mixture of Aubusson Blue and Duck Egg Chalk Paint. I am in love with this color. I have been seeing it all over. I would watch this horrible television series religiously just so I could see a characters fabulous bedroom with this color. I would stop at the paint store and search for the perfect swatch. Never there. I kept telling my husband, I need to find out a way to make that color, I must have it in my life. After much searching, good old Pinterest helped me out.

I used antique gold Rub N Buff for the trim and hardware. This was my first experience with Rub N Buff and it was amazing. I am using it for all my hardware from now on, it was that good!

I did a light coat of dark wax using shoe polish wax mixed in Johnson and Johnson clear paste wax. The inside has been painted a rich Coco Chalk Paint.

Here is the before, your typical replica furniture that is now yellowing over time. It is so glamorous and classy now. This will be a hard one for me to let go.


This set is available in my Etsy shop!

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  1. Wow- That turned out beautifully. You did a great job!!!! xo Diana

  2. So lovely and well done. I was just in Versailles, and many of the pieces are a soft blue with touches of gold.

  3. Tickled that you waxed it with a shoe polish blend. I keep thinking the ASCP dark wax looks and works just like shoe polish and had been thinking of giving it a try. Beautiful!

  4. Once again, you have inspired me with your beautiful pieces! I absolutely love the color and look of these! I have collected a few pieces of furniture that I would like to paint, but am a little confused about the waxing part. Could you explain your steps? And is there a reason you don't use the Annie Sloan wax? Thanks so much!!! And many congrats on such wonderful Furniture transformations! Barbara

    1. I dont always use shoe polish to wax. I don't have an Annie Sloan rep here so all of my supplies must be ordered and shipped. Sometimes I need to find an alternative in the meantime. Waxing is easy breezy. Take clear wax and with a clean stiff brush or a lint free rag wipe a think layer all over your piece. Then take your dark wax with a stiff brush or rag and work in sections. Rub on the dark wax especially into carving and paint lines. Immediately take a clean rag with clear wax and wipe over the section you just dark waxed to take off any excess. Do this in sections all over until you're done. Sometimes the dark wax can be too much so you can "dilute" it by mixing a small portion with some clear wax. Once you've waxed wait a day for it to dry and buff to perfection. Good Luck!

    2. Thank you, Jenine! This is really helpful!

  5. Great pieces!!! It is so funny how that Coco can look so different. I painted my wood work in my kitchen that color and it looks completely different :) Thank you for sharing this at Rustic Restorations Weekend!