Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Daughter's Room

I think my favorite part of looking at other blogger's sites is when they have a button where you can tour their home. I could look at all the beautiful homes for hours if I had the time. I've been decorating my home slowly, one room at a time, to make it "our" home and not just a cookie cutter house.

I'm not entirely done with my daughter's room but I thought I would share it with you.
Here is a picture I ran across on and it was some of my inspiration for my daughter's room. I realize her room looks nothing like this, but we work on a budget! Most of the decor in her room came from a thrift store.

I purchased both of her dressers from Craigslist and repainted them with Duck Egg Blue Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Yes, I realize the TV is an eye sore, but I wanted to show you what the real room looks like.

The bedspread I found at Big Lots. The bed frame used to be a dark chocolate brown and I repainted it in Old White Chalk Paint and added some appliques. The curtains were a thrift store find. It was really a small miracle, I thought I'd attempt to sew curtains but found these instead for $2- you can't beat that price. Plus, I'm horrible at sewing.

The mirror I also found at the thrift store for under $5. It was originally gold, which wasn't so bad but wasn't right for her room. I painted it in Old White and it reminds me of the Snow White mirror. Perfect for a girl's room.

My husband built the under-the-bed storage for me out of old pallets and I painted them. It holds a lot of her toys. Speaking of toys, I'm sure I'll get around to painting her toy box at some point in time. I'm also on the lookout to put a small bedside table between her little pink chair and bed where I can put her teacup lamp.  My husband made the teacup lamp but I have yet to finish covering the lamp shade to spruce it up.

I feel like I need to make sure you know we do have books in her room. She has a whole bookcase full off them in her closet. We always pick up several used books while we out finding treasures at the thrift store.

Here is a thrift store painting that my husband can't stand, I kind of like it and hung it up today just to drive him crazy :) Anyway, there it is, I love it and I hope you do too.  I will have a new dresser redo to show you guys soon, so keep an eye out for that.


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  1. That painting is amazing. It looks like an original oil work. Your husband should be pleased to have something so classy.

    1. LOL. Brandon loved your comment.

  2. Her room is very pretty and I like the picture!

  3. Love how you painted her dresser!

  4. Hi! I love how you redid (and will be doing more of) your daughter's room. I have an extra bed that I have in one guest room that sort of resembles yours. I think I would love it better if it was painted off white or another ASCP color. I love how your husband did the pallets for the underneath storage and I love the addition of the rope pulls. Very nice!

    I am following you...hopefully you will visit me as well and follow.


  5. Oh my! I LOVE the two-tone repainted dressers! <3 from your newest follower, I’d be delighted if you’d follow back!
    413 Sparrow Lane

  6. Pinned one of the pictures! I"m jealous this room looks so amazing! I'm a new follower and would love if you followed back at