Thursday, March 8, 2012

Media Cabinet Reveal

I was really excited when my sweet sister-in-law told me she was looking for something to hold her TV. She is currently using a small coffee table in her new beautiful home, and the best news was she said she'd drive down to pick it up. My brother and sister-in-law moved to Wyoming a few years ago and we have yet to make it to each other's houses. That was the best deal I've made in a long time.

I was also really excited because she was looking to have it painted in warm colors. I used to love warm cozy colors like red, black, brown, and cream. I still do love them but since moving to Las Vegas my style has changed. Why, you may ask? Well, my front living room is full of these beautiful warm reds, golds, and natural browns but when it's summer and 115 degrees... I see those colors and just cringe. Everything is so hot and bland out here, I want to bathe in ocean blues and clean whites when I walk into my home. Now you see why I am in need of a living room makeover.

Anyway, back to to the media cabinet. I painted it in Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Graphite and Versailles. I did some heavy dark waxing to darken it and add some depth. I also did some light distressing to let the original cherry wood show through. I took the original hardware off and put on some hardware from an old armoire I had finished previously. I spray painted the hardware with some bronze Rustoleum and called it done. My sister-in-law loves it. I definitely need to return the favor and get my butt to Wyoming to see it at her new place. I think I'll wait until August though when I'm craving some cool weather and greenery :)

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  1. What a transformation! You did a great job, it looks beautiful.

    I would be honored if you get a minute to stop by and share at my weekly Chalk Paint link party.

  2. Very nice! I wish I could see the potential others do in re making furniture. You did a great job!

  3. The red under the black and the tan on the doors is going to look so great in Lindsay's house, and coincidentally it will look fantastic on my kitchen wall while we store it for her to come and get. LUCKY ME! -mom

  4. The red under the black and the tan doors will look great in Lindsay's house and coincidentally it will look fantastic on my kitchen wall while we store it for her. LUCKY ME! -mom

  5. I do LOVE it and can't wait... and by the way our deal is still on...this summer we are still comming down I am just glad that i can decorate and get it before then!!! I am way excited!!

  6. it looks so much better- and i love the cherry peeking through!

  7. Looks awesome! I love the 2-tones!

  8. Did you use the dark wax over the graphite? I just bought graphite paint and picked up the dark wax on accident. I'm wondering if I should use clear.

    1. I used both a dark and clear wax over the graphite. With the dark wax you always apply the clear first, then dark, then clear again to wipe off excess. I have used just the clear over graphite on a little dresser. It looked great too. The dark wax just added more dimension and I think darkened it a bit more.